Thank you for considering us in your search for a care provider suitable for your loved ones. We understand that at this stage you have to weigh-in a lot of considerations before making a decision. That is why we at Montclair Manor strive to assist you in making the correct informed decision. Though we are relatively small in size compared to other Skilled Nursing Facilities, we are a very tightly-knit group of people that can offer you a more personalized care that you may need for your loved ones. In times of need, there can be nothing more that you can hope for than having a supportive group of care-givers that would be able to give you the peace of mind that your loved ones are in good hands. That is something that we can proudly say as one of the many services that we provide for your loved ones; personalized care.

As you sift through the many choices that you have, please take a moment to consider that many institutions out there have different things to offer. However, here at Montclair Manor, we make it a point to make our place as “Home Away From Home” for your loved ones. From individualized activity programs, to specialized Skilled Nursing care and more, we treat everyone here as individuals with unique personalities that will always be different from one person to the next.

We hope that your search will also give you the opportunity to have a closer look into what you may expect for your loved ones. As we are all developing both professionally and as an individual, we would highly appreciate any inputs that you may have for us, whatever your decision may be. Our doors are always open, and you are more than welcome to come by and visit us.

Thank you very much once again for considering us, and I hope to see you soon.